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Default How much do i need for the right amount?

Hey everyone,

I need a helping hand with some maths and hamster diet problems I'm having. I know what foods I'm using for my hamster diet, however, I don't know how many grams I need to for each food to get the right percentages to get the right nutritional value.

If someone knows a formula I could follow please let me know
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Default Re: How much do i need for the right amount?

Probably decide on the amount you want to make, say 1kg, so you want the percentages of each ingredient in the mix.
Assuming you’re doing a base mix plus added protein (say mealworms) and want to get the protein to 18% - first find the protein content of both the base mix and mealworms. If you’re doing this by hand just use trial and error to get around 18%. It is important to check that the fat content etc remains ok throughout too. So your first attempt of 95% base mix and 5% mealworms would be:

0.95*[protein % of mix] + 0.05*[protein % of mealworms] = 18%

Vary the percentages until you get approx 18%. Again make sure that the fat etc is acceptable by doing a similar calculation. If you have more ingredients then there will be more possibilities so a spreadsheet would be faster & easier. You’d set it up using the same method as by hand.
When you’ve got the % of each ingredient you calculate the mass. So in that example, in 1kg of final mix you’ll have 950g of base mix and 50g of added protein.
Hope that makes sense!
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