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Default Re: Mix Comparison

Originally Posted by racinghamster View Post
Great job Starlight, that takes up time to research all the brands but it`s worth it for the comparisons. Strange too though that the highest protein is 19.1 and the lowest protein is 12. 9?!!! Perhaps that comes down to the individual content within each mix and the manufacturers own research, but I`m a bit baffled that there is such a wide gap between protein percentages when it`s supposed to be `set` amount? I`m not too convinced that the scientific research statements on levels of protein for hamsters is that accurate, or perhaps the percentages science comes up with are more in line with the tests they are studying at the time and the hamsters are all being fed on different diets anyway depending on the trials being undertaken, which is often the case.

Hamsters and other small animals require higher protein levels while young, but not so much as they grow older, so I wonder too how the protein levels can be reduced if the whole mix is still being fed into old age?

They don`t seem to cater for that niggling thought!
It is probably worth mentioning, in relation to the surprise at the variance between manufacturers, that even human dietary needs have been an ever-evolving subject filled with conflicting studies. Take breakfast cereal, for example. You can have about ten different versions of some sort of corn flake concoction that will vary by manufacturer; sure, the key ingredients may be the same, but the amounts will vary (and typically thanks to patients and copyright laws has to) but legally they all have to list nutritional information that tends to be skewed by things like serving size. (Seriously, who eats just four potato chips?)

It makes the task of attempting to provide the best diet with the most positive health benefit for your animal more than a little daunting. I like being able to see the comparisons though, especially for sugar content. Probably worth noting some treats use honey as a binder as well, but I do not think I have seen studies on alternative sugars like stevia or Agave. (Not that many would pay the expense for these ingredients in pet food)
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Question Re: Mix Comparison

Originally Posted by StarlightSerenity View Post
I've been looking at different mixes for a little while now and thought I'd do a quick table comparing some of them. I've only compared the protein, fat and fibre contents and put in whether or not the mix has high sugar content ingredients. If anyone has any information on other mixes which I can add to it please let me know I have only added mixes that are in the UK, I can do a separate US one but will need some help finding the info


The Ďsugarí column only matters when buying a mix for a diabetes prone hamster, the high sugar content foods in mixes are usually corn and peas which can be taken out (there's loads of topics on this in the Feeding/Nutrition forum). Ensure to check the ingredients though as some also contain molasses. RatRations sell a dwarf mix (Dwarf Hamster Basic) which is sugar free but I havenít listed it as the protein fat and fibre contents arenít listed on the website.

Mr Johnsonís Supreme Hamster and Gerbil Mix Ė the only online information I could find was for this product, most places seem to sell the ĎAmosí range and I canít confirm whether they are the same product or not.

Beaphar do not provide any information regarding protein, fat or fibre levels but from what Iíve seen they all contain corn, peas and other high sugar content foods.

I couldnít find protein, fat or fibre contents for the following mixes which are sold on a few online stores:

Quiko Sunny Greens Hamster Food
Quiko Sunny Greens Dwarf Hamsters Gerbils & Mouse Food
Mayfield Hamster Food
at the moment i use wagg hamster gerbil mouse munch as it is the most accesible one to me. i dont supplement it with anything should i be doing so? and if so what shoud i be supplementing it with? i am quite new to hamster care so i dont know much about what foods are the best for hamsters i have been doing as much research as i can but there is alot of debate and sooooo many foods to choose from so it is very confusing
thank u so much
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Default Re: Mix Comparison

Are they actually adding sugar to Hamster food? I have to ask why. Everyone seems to add sugar to literally everything. Meat, health food, hamster food, vaping e-liquid.
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