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Default Dwarf Hamsters living in pairs.

Hi all,

My friend is considering getting two dwarf hamsters from the same litter and keeping them in the same cage.

Ive got 1 dwarf hamster in one cage and I advised her that shed need to get two cages as they could end up fighting.

But the breeder (and the pet store shes just visited) said that dwarf hamsters can happily live in groups.

I would love some clarity on this.

Thank you x
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Default Re: Dwarf Hamsters living in pairs.

Breeders and pet stores aren't necessarily good sources of information unfortunately.

The overwhelming consensus from hamster owner experience and the natural behavior of these hamster species in the wild is that social housing of any hamster species just should not be done. While not everyone experiences the absolute worst, you are always adding unnecessary stress whether visible or not. That stress in turn leads to less happy hamsters as well as hamsters that are more likely to become ill.

Even without obvious signs of fighting that stress is guaranteed. However, the chances of fighting to any extent are practically guaranteed themselves. Because of this massive risk it is always more responsible and kinder to the hamsters to just house them alone regardless of species.

It's also worth mentioning that housing hamsters socially places restrictions in terms of how you handle the hamsters involved, their out of cage time, and even things like what goes inside the cage. Those limitations are not present with hamsters housed alone and should also be considered.
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Default Re: Dwarf Hamsters living in pairs.

There is unfortunately a lot of misinformation about hamsters living in pairs, while it is possible a pair of same sex siblings may live together successfully it is extremely rare.
The vast majority of pairs will fall out as they begin to mature & need their own territory, keeping them together can be extremely stressful for them which damages their health in itself & injuries, even death, & lack of food for the more submissive one are all the most likely outcome if they aren’’t separated at an early enough age.
Because of the stress it can cause them the wait & see approach isn’t fair on them.
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Default Re: Dwarf Hamsters living in pairs.

Both, pet shops and some so called breeders or multipliers as i call them are mainly interested in making money rather than the welfare of the animals they sell otherwise they would do their research and not pass on incorrect and downright dangerous information.

I totally agree with you in suggesting to get two cages and personally would never house two hamsters in the same habitat. The odds of success are far too high and i care far too much about hamsters to knowingly subject them to a high risk of injury and possibly death.
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