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Default Re: A black Roborovski ?

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
It's an interesting question as I recently saw a black and white roborovski up for adoption and had to look twice. I had never heard of robos coming in that colouring but apparently there is a "mottled" or piebald colouring of black and white. I've not heard of an all black one though. A photo would help.

According to Wikipedia there is a recessive all black bred in Finland - quite rare by the sound of it.

Roborovski dwarf hamster - Wikipedia

Do you know how old she is? If she is very young she could be a tiny russian dwarf but from the above link it seems there are some black robos!

Have a look at the back legs. Robos are quite distinctive in that way. They have longer legs than most species of hamster and it's more noticeable with the back legs.

Make sure there is only soft substrate to land on near the wheel if she's flying out!
I also saw that the "undercoat" of a robo i kinda grey/black ish so thats why i thougth it migth be it.

Haha yes! she has Uber paper bedding in the whole cage =)
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Default Re: A black Roborovski ?

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Trying to put in my insta maybe that will work
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Old 09-06-2021, 04:43 AM   #13
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Default Re: A black Roborovski ?

She doesn't look like a roborovski to me - sorry. I am not an expert on Russian dwards but she doesn't particularly look like a Russian Dwarf hamster either to me! She probably is and hard to tell if she's tiny, but her ears look quite small for a hamster. You did say she was tiny though - maybe still very young. Hmm Just watched the rest of the video - she's adorable anyway Probably a young russian dwarf hamster (of maybe even a runt of a litter?)
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Default Re: A black Roborovski ?

Aww, she's very cute and in my opinion a russian dwarf hybrid hamster and not a robo. I think the winter white genes show in her shape and small ears and the campbell genes in her colouring. Then again, i'm no expert on hamster species so may be talking rubbish.
Makes no difference. She's a lovely looking little dwarf hamster and very small hamsters can have very big personalities.
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