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Default Can spiders kill hamsters?


First of all I'm really sorry, I know how silly this sounds! But once I've got something in my head I just can't get it out. I'm really worried about what would happen if a hamster got into Titch's cage. Could it kill him? Could a big one eat him or are there any varieties (i live in the UK for context) that can sting him or are poisonous if he eats them? What can I do to protect him if there is a chance they could hurt him.

Thanks and sorry again for asking such a stupid question!
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Default Re: Can spiders kill hamsters?

I’m guessing you mean if a spider got in his cage not a hamster lol

In the UK we dont have any spiders that could eat a hamster luckily and theres almost no chance of a spider biting him (they bite not sting). A hamsters also very unlikely to eat a spider. There’s really nothing to worry about, all UK spiders are interesting in eating is flies and other small insects

If s spider was to hypothetically build a web in your hamsters cage, it would be on the bars so quite noticeable and easy to remove.
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Default Re: Can spiders kill hamsters?

So, I have a touch of arachnophobia and went to google and youtube to look for proof whether spiders are a threat to hamsters.
Well, let's just say, don't move to Australia (Any Australians out there that can weigh in on the likelihood of running into some ginormous, toothy spider?)
And don't let your pet tarantula have play time with little hammie.
In the US, the 2 types of spiders that I've been taught to beware of are the brown recluse and the black widow. Basically, don't reach into dark crevices of things like outdoor woodpiles and the like without taking a good look first. I've never had any personal experience with problems with either one, nor is it common to hear about spider bites. Rarely I've seen a black widow (and always outdoors), but people here generally will call an exterminator pretty quickly, then that typically takes care of it.
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