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Default A question about natural supplies...

Hello everyone! I must confess that I am not a hamster owner just yet. I've always treated animals and animal care very responsibly and seriously and having the intentions to adopt a syrian hamster soon, my attitude remains the same.
In that regard I need to draw from some of your knowledge hamster lovers! I fell in love with naturalistic hamster cages and I intend to build one for my future syrian. I have to say I have done some research on the matter with little to no success. So my question is... I'm aware that I can forage for some things from outside that are safe to use in hamster cages, like stones and rocks, wood sticks and branches, but how about tree leaves, herbs, flowers, plant roots(I have a list of safe plants), taken from nature, like the woods or my back yard? I also know that moss is controversial, soil also... but I saw that Niteangel sells moss for small animals that says it's hand picked from the woods... can I forage for some and dry it and sanitize it, would other natural materials from the woods be safe to put in a natural themed enclosure, properly sanitized, of course?
Lol, that turned out long, thank you for reading and thanks to all replies!
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Default Re: A question about natural supplies...

It’s safer to forage roots and flower and leaves from your garden as you can be certain that they not had pesticides used on them or around them. I choose not to do this myself due to having the occasional rat visits my garden so don’t want to risk anything incase they’ve been in contact with rodenticides from someone else’s garden.. I wouldn’t feel comfortable myself taking things from the wood unless they are up high so dogs wouldn’t have peed on them or other animals wouldn’t have come into contact. I prefer to stick to store bought forages as I don’t need to worry about these things plus they already dried them to don’t need to worry about this process either.

I don’t use moss myself so wouldn’t be able to advise on that.
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