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Old 12-08-2020, 06:00 AM   #1
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Exclamation help

hi. I am very confused. I tried giving my hammy a blueberry and he got scared. is this normal?
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Default Re: help

Does he normally take food from your hand? Something else might have spooked him, maybe he's just having a weird day. No need to worry unless it becomes an established behaviour.

He might just not know what a blueberry is! I would make sure it's well washed so it doesn't possibly smell like pesticides or preservatives or anything strange and then try cutting it in half so he can smell the tasty inside. Maybe just leave it in his cage for him to investigate in his own time. Half a blueberry might be a more appropriate portion for a chinese hamster anyway, their risk of diabetes means keeping an eye on their sugar intake but I'll defer to a chinesey keeper on that.
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Default Re: help

He doesn't normally take food from my hand it is very well washed. and I didn't think about cutting it in half. thanks for the suggestion
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Default Re: help

Your ham only just came home so it is probably too early to be offering food from your hand, as I said in the other thread Chinese hams can be very timid & shy to begin with so do take your time with taming, for the first few days or so just change water & put fresh food in, don’t do anything else while he settles in, talk to him gently while you’re in the room or around the cage so he can get used to your presence & when he seems comfortable with that offer him a treat on your hand but just keep your hand still & wait for him to come to you, that might take a few goes so be patient with him.

Mine have blueberry occasionally, half is plenty for a little Chinesey.
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