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Old 08-12-2020, 09:13 AM   #1
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Smile Queries about getting a Chinese hamster

Hi all,
I am looking at getting a Chinese hamster however after having only had Syrian ones before is there any major difference in their set up?
Also after having doing some reading it seems to be recommended they would prefer a cage size similar to Syrians but I am worried that with their size they could slip through any bars so would it be better to create them their own bin cage as that would prevent any escaping mishaps? When looking at accessories such as balls and wheels would it be best to get dwarf hamster sized things or Syrian sized things as they are a sort of in between size? As well as this is there a list of specific fruit and vegetable treats to give or not give them as when reading I came across a website that said that dwarf hamsters were more at risk of diabetes and to avoid too sugary treats but as Chinese hamsters aren't quite 'dwarf' would this still be applicable? Thank you so much
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Default Re: Queries about getting a Chinese hamster

Chinese hamsters make lovely pets but they are quite shy. They like to have places to hide and lots of boxes and tunnels to move through. They need reasonable sized equipment though not as huge as syrians and not as small as robos might use. I don't find they like wired cages but prefer the tank type like the Duna Multy. None of mine have got through the bars in those as they are nice and narrow and on;y on the roof. They don't like wide open spaces or open sides like glass tanks I have found.
They are very prone to diabetes so avoiding sweet foods is essential.
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Default Re: Queries about getting a Chinese hamster

Chineseys do make adorable pets, as souffle said they can be quite shy & timid to begin with & may take longer to tame than other species but with patience they can become very confident & busy little things.
I find most of mine have enjoyed a good size cage as long as there isn’t too much open space, tunnels, hides & hammocks work really well for them.
I have one in a 145L RUB bin cage which works quite well (I put a large barred door on the front rather than just mesh which makes interaction easier, especially when they’re new) but my other three are all in barred cages & all but one of my previous Chinese hams have been too, you do need a cage with narrow bars though, I use the Hamster Heaven (without the. penthouse or tubes( & Savic Mickey xl which both have narrow enough bars for a Chinese.
I use the same size wheel as I do for my Russian hams, a 9” silent runner (not silent spinner!) a ball is best avoided completely.
A good dwarf specific mix is best & just avoid any sweet foods to help reduce the risk of diabetes, I’ve been lucky & not had any diabetic hams but it is fairly common with Chinese hams.
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