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Old 05-02-2020, 06:58 AM   #1
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Default Hamster toys

Hi all

We have been settling in our new chinese hamster Pippin in the last few weeks and just wondering what size ball best for him we have one but it seems too big for him? Or does it take a while for them to learn to roll?

Also any other recommendations for toys or activities for him to keep him happy?

Slightly strange but he also makes like a little huffing/sneezing noise randomly ..hes not scared or showing any signs of this a happy noise or is it just a sneeze 😂😂

Sorry u can tell I'm.a first time hamster mum
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Old 05-02-2020, 07:04 AM   #2
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Default Re: Hamster toys

Please don't use a ball, they can be dangerous & stressful for any hamster but all the smaller species are more especially in danger of injury.
For out of cage time use either a large plastic storage bin with substrate & toys or an escape proof playpen of some kind.

Tubes, coconut hides, cork tubes or tunnels are all good for them, you can make a simple toy hideout place to hide food & treats with an egg box just cut a little hole in each end, the wheel & sand bath are the most important things for them, I find my Chinese prefer a more enclosed sand bath, something like a salt pig can work well.

They do make little noises sometimes but not really a sneezing sound, is there anything dusty in the cage, what kind of substrate are you using?
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Old 05-07-2020, 08:47 AM   #3
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Talking Re: Hamster toys

Thanks Cypher thankfully I only put him in it once didnt realise I should good job you said! I'm using pet safe wood shaving from pets at home. But I've ordered some carefresh that people have recommended so hopefully that will arrive soon for him ..although he has stopped making that noise now

Ohh a sand box sounds great I've tonnes of tubes for him and he has a mini castle he loves so I've bough a bigger version for him which would be great in a play ignorance but what sand should I use??

Thanks x
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Old 05-07-2020, 09:13 AM   #4
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Default Re: Hamster toys

Children's play sand is the safest sand. You do have to rinse, sift, and bake it before use but it is the lowest cost and safest option.
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Old 05-07-2020, 02:53 PM   #5
Ria P
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Default Re: Hamster toys

[QUOTE=PippinandTom; ignorance but what sand should I use??

My four hamsters use the Tiny Friends Farm sand from [email protected], comes in tubs @ £3. Three of my hamsters are true sand enthusiasts, dig and roll in it and one uses it for his toilet only. Never had any issues.
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Old 05-08-2020, 12:23 AM   #6
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Default Re: Hamster toys

Thanks guys! I'll get some ordered for him!! Dont know who's more excited me and Pippin!
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