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Smile White Bellied

This is just a hypothetical question.

If you had a satin hamster with dominat spot, could you mate it to a hamster that doesn't have satin or a white bellied gene but who's parents are satin and banded?

Hope that makes sense
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Default Re: White Bellied

You can breed a Satin with a non satin. Satin is a dominant gene so a non satin canít be a carrier of the satin gene - so it doesnít matter if the parents were satin as a non satin baby didnít get the satin gene from it parent. This link explains more - Satin

However Breeders will not breed two patterned hamsters together therefore this hypothetical pairing wouldnít be a good pairing.

This is becauseDominant spot and banded Syrians have white bellies due to their pattern this makes it impossible to tell if they are a carrier of the white belly gene.

Banded dominant spot hamsters do exist but these are usually bred by non-ethical breeders and this pairing have a chance of producing eyeless white pups. It best to breed a patterned syrian with a non patterned syrian.

Some helpful links for you


Dominant Spot
Popcorn Syrian

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