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Old 11-19-2021, 03:00 AM   #1
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Default Play Pen Destruction!


I've been reading this forum for a little while but have just joined up today! So thank you for welcoming me in!

I just wanted to ask a question about my Syrian hamster, Revy. I've had her for just over a month now and overall, the bonding is going well. I'd say our relationship is very much dictated by her moods (of which there are many!), but she seems quite confident in my company. She's not a fan of petting/sitting still for more than 2 seconds, but she'll happily climb all over me, groom/stretch in front of me, take food from my hand and come out and about to see me etc.

So, she's currently in a Hamster Heaven cage - I took all the plastic stuff out, put in a lot of bedding and tried to give her a much more natural enclosure. She has a big wheel, a fly wheel which she loves and plenty of enrichment/foraging materials/toys. I'd like to upgrade her eventually to a bigger cage, but for now that's the set up.

For time out of her cage, I also bought her a large doggy paddling pool, which I let her play in with different toys etc and use for bonding time. It's been going really well, except that the last couple of times I've put her in, she's turned on the savage mode and is now just intent on biting holes through the bottom of it. She seemed happy before, but now she's just going to town on it so she can get out. I tried putting her back in her cage, but she would climb the bars to get back out again - so back in the pen she goes... and back to her destruction. If I try to pick her up and put her somewhere else in the pen to stop her, she just chatters at me.

I want her to have time out of her cage, but there's nowhere in the house that's really hamster proof otherwise, and this no longer seems a good alternative. Any ideas why she's doing this?

Lizzie (and Revy)
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Old 11-20-2021, 12:07 PM   #2
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Default Re: Play Pen Destruction!

There will be more experienced owners respond, but I also have a female Syrian hamster and my previous hamster was a female Syrian hamster also. I could be wrong but I’ve always found every few days they’d get in these feisty moods and I think it’s just largely due to the fact they’re on heat.

I can always tell from their smell first lol, I love the smell of hamsters fur as weird as that sounds but every few days they smell different and this is when they’re on heat. Yesterday, mine had that smell and she becomes more scatty and bite things more. She won’t bite me but I was letting her have free roam of the hallway and my room and I heard her starting on the carpet.

I just gently blow on her to startle her and try and get her to move on, If she keeps going back to the same spot she goes back in her cage. I lay off treats in these times, I don’t know if there’s any proof of this in hamsters but on our periods the healthy you eat, the lesser the symptoms of cramps or hot flushes etc. Mine seems to chill a bit after fresh food but could just me thinking that. Yesterday she had some lettuce, cucumber, broccoli and mealworms.

I seem to find also mine have bad heat effects sometimes, where they’ll be worse on it than usual but give it a couple days and they’ve normally calmed down again. I know it can be distressing as you just want them to be happy and you think something is wrong, but it could just simply be she’s on heat. Maybe try getting any cardboard or chew toys you have so she can go to town instead on those maybe, mine always loves whimzees dog chews, just until she calms down.
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