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Default Some rules before posting pictures or videos of baby hamsters-must read!

Some Rules before Posting Pictures of Baby Hams.

We on Hamster Central do our best to try and promote proper hamster care to the people who view our forum. It has been agreed by moderators and the administrator that any pictures or videos of baby hamsters WITHOUT THEIR EYES OPEN should not be posted on Hamster Central.

The reason for this is because there is severe risk of cannibalism of the litter by the mother if she is prematurely disturbed or stressed by handling pups or taking flash photographs and such like and we do not want to encourage people viewing such images to regard it as acceptable and to disturb the nest and mother for the sake of photos or videos. Although some experienced breeders with experienced mothers may risk taking photos or videos if the mothers are comfortable with this, it is not recommended practice.

It is for this reason that we must make one rule for all users, to be fair.

On Hamster central we welcome pictures or videos of baby hamsters WITH THEIR EYES OPEN in the cage with their mother and as they mature, being handled and playing together. If they are being handled with eyes just open then they poster must explain that the mother is happy and allows the babies to be touched.

We DO NOT allow pictures or videos of baby hamsters either in the nest with no fur, out of the nest or being handled when the eyes are not open and ask that if users have such images they use them only on their own sites and at their discretion. Any such pictures or videos will be removed from hamster central by the moderators and the poster advised of the reasons.

We do however love to hear about the birth and development of litters bred by our users and encourage everyone to tell us in writing of their experiences until the baby hamsters are old enough to be photographed. You should remember that clicking, bleeping and flashing cameras can be stressful to both mum and pups so when photographing or filming you should attempt to not use the flash and use a zoom lens if at all possible. Ideally the mother should not even know you are taking photographs and you should never touch the nest or pups to try and get ‘a better shot’. Baby hamster’s eyes open a different ages so there is no hard and fast rule as to when you will be able to post their pictures or videos on Hamster Central however as a rule they should be open by 21 days at which point the babies will also be weaned so if in doubt you should wait till then. If your babies’ eyes are not open by then you should check your dates and if you are sure of their birth date seek veterinary advice. Some hamsters who have been wrongly or accidentally bred may be anophthalmic whites which have no eyes.
You should contact a moderator for advice if you are unsure whether you may post a certain picture or video and we will be happy to help.

We want to set a good example to new and inexperienced breeders and hope you will all understand the reasons for these rules which will help ensure the best possible chance of rearing a successful, happy healthy litter of baby hamsters.

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Default re: Some rules before posting pictures or videos of baby hamsters-must read!

Please note that the rules about posting images of baby hamsters have been updated to reflect the increased sharing of video images.
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