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Old 04-04-2024, 09:45 AM   #1
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Default Hamster wonít use wheel

Hello, I wasnít sure were to ask about this Iím sorry if I did it in the wrong spot. My syrian hamster is very old, estimated about 2 and a half, probably a bit older. Iíve had him for most of his life and heís always used his wheel before. He has a niteangel wheel, itís big enough, works, and isnít to loud. But he recently hasnít been using it and Iím very worried because I donít know why. He seems otherwise healthy, Iíve checked his limbs and him for anything that could be stopping him from using his wheel, but he seems fine. This has been going on for awhile, at first he was just using it less frequently and I didnít think to much of it. But now I donít think he ever uses it. I know they are nocturnal and have been assuming he might be only using it at night, but Iíve stayed up all night to check if thatís what heís been doing, and he didnít use it even once. I tried to put his wheel in his playpen to see if heíd use it then, but he didnít. Iím thinking it could be old age but heís NEVER using it to my knowledge which doesnít seem normal? Does anyone know what this could mean? Or have any ideas to try to get him to use it again? Also I have a related question, since he doesnít use it could I take it out? I know that sounds awful but I think itíd be easier for him to get around. I currently have to slope it because his wheel is very tall. The tall side of his bedding is 11 inches and the shallow side is 6 inches. I try to make the slope gradual but itís not ideal. Iím worried the slope will be to hard for him to navigate in his old age. And the wheel takes up a lot of space, if I take it out I could fit in a lot more enrichment. Would that be okay in this situation or is that an awful idea? Thank you in advance for any advice!
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Default Re: Hamster wonít use wheel

Your hamster may just be getting old, all of the Syrian hamsters that I've had usually live 2.5 to 3 years. It might be a good idea to take out the wheel if he isn't using it, and its definately a great idea to give him enrichment toys! When some of my hamsters were at their end of life stage, they enjoyed treats such as mineral chews, which you can find at Petsmart and Petco. Let me know if you need the links to these. . I hope everything goes well!

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