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Old 03-02-2024, 07:20 PM   #1
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Default Lost hamster- please help!!!!

my hamster escaped from his cage last night. the door for the room he was in was open into a hallway with two other open doors. Iíve done a thorough search of all the rooms this whole day- itís now nighttime again and heís not making any noise anywhere. I left treats out in the rooms but he hasnít taken any, and heís been completely silent. One of the rooms has access to the insulation in my house that he couldíve gotten into. Itís not impossible for him to be there but I checked almost all of the insulation around and iím fairly certain he didnít burrow down there.

The fact that iím not hearing anything is making me extremely scared that he died, and iím not sure how to find him. One potential option is that he went down the stairs, but the stairs are quite high and it doesnít seem plausible he would. I have no idea what to do and iím not sure how heís still alive. Has anybody been in a situation like this and if so, what should I do?
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Old 03-06-2024, 03:06 AM   #2
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Default Re: Lost hamster- please help!!!!

Hi there
so sorry this has happened to you, its always scary when something so small disappears.
I haven't had it happen to me but to my cousin has who lost her Gerbil in her house.
The only things i can think of that she did was to leave treats everywhere! and i mean EVERYWHERE! Every room of the house (including attic and basement) and every cupboard as they have the ability to go anywhere where there is a hole.

Check the car as i have seen online that hamsters can make it to the car.

Check outside in the garden in case they have managed to get out there.

Another thing you can do is set humane non fatal traps.

Try to stay away from using the hoover in case it might scare them back into their new hiding place.

Hope you find them soon! Good luck and all the best.
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iím, heís, rooms, itís, making

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