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Old 11-17-2022, 10:30 PM   #1
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Default Bathing in pee!

My Hamster, Blondie, does this Dusting, Pee Bath Stuff All the time..

Whenever I give Her Out of Cage time, Once a Night.. Does anyone know why? I'm worried because I actually kiss this little cutie quite often, and I've noticed their isn't alot of information online about it..

I keep Blondie in the closet, this Walk in one that's rather large. And Once a Day, depending on if my 2daughters are home or not, I let Blondie out! And I sit with her.. Allowing her to Run Around the Large Closet as Much as she wants for about an Hour or 2.. Every Night. Sometimes I even Open the Door to it for her and Allow her to Run AROUND the Big Room.. Like a FREE RANGE Hamster.

Earlier today Blondie actually was caught.. waiting behind the door with her Cheeks ALL Puffed UP with Food!! I was curious so I encouraged her out and she was getting Rather Ballsy attempting to Jump off my Arm and Shuffling her little fat self to whatever arm she could get to the floor with.. I felt she actually found 3 pieces of Tootie Fruites in her Cheeks!! And a HOLE MESS of Hamster Feed! And even 1 Plastic shoulder strap..
Ugh.. this worried me.. Because she wasn't running around alone very long..
Perhaps maybe 40minutes or less..
Anyways.. When I put her back in the Closet.. and Sat with her.. watching her Run Back and Fourth.. I noticed Blondie kept trying to go to these 2 separate Corners.. 1 of which I've seen her Sit.. and Pull Terds out of her fat Butt!! Literally Sitting and reaching down to pull poop out with her Mouth and Tossing it to the Pile up against the wall.. and by pile I mean the 4 other terds she pulled out minutes before..nothing old..
Then after I cleaned up those terds as I do every night she gets an hour to roam the closet.. I noticed she was what Looked like to be.. "Dusting" herself.. only in the Dry Pee spots she goes to to go Pee..
Blondie was literally LOVING IT!!
Running Back and Fourth to the Pee Spots to RUB UP AGAINST The Sides of the Walls.. in the CORNER that she Frequently goes to to Urinate! Even though their isn't any pee currently in those corners, the wood is somewhat lighter from the past use.. So she knows where it probably still has some of her Scent and she just LOVES IT!!
One Corner to the Other.. she Sits.. Privately.. Peeking out from Behind the door that's sitting up against the wall for storage in the very much large and empty closet..
What is YOUR Take about What my little Siberian Hamster is doing??
I've also had difficult time finding the Right Sized CAGE for Blondie.. when I first bought her.. I bought the Largest Bared Cage they had at that small pet store.. But I've found out it's not large enough! She needs more space! So I bought this Larger 2 Part Cage with a Moveable Roof you can Bend in Half and take off.. and Plastic Sheet bottom.. that's not really a Firm sheet.. You just tie it to the side bars of the Cage..
Anyways it seem's this cage's bars are just about too far apart for Blondie because she actually can Push Through them.. and Also Climb the Bars straight on OUT through the TOP of the Cage whenever she's out of her Smaller one.. I've tried duct taping the outsides of the larger cage with Cardboard Boxes.. to somewhat Trap her in the Cage itself.. and Keep her in there.. But she just Climbs the Ladder Door.. when it's UP Closed.. Pushing her Way OUT!
She's Crafty!!
Very Smart!!
Watching her literally CLIMB the Cage like a Ladder is always interesting to watch!!
So Far I've been working with her in that 1hr I give her ever night.. By Sitting in the doorway.. that she will go to and chew on if I let her have that time out alone with the door closed.. With me sitting there she wont Chew on it.. But she will come to Me.. I figured this was a good way to get her to get to know her Name.. and listen to the Tones of my Voice.. and when I call Blondie.. Come Here Blondie Come Here! And I pick her UP and I Open the Door! She just Loves it! And has gotten USE to Coming right on Over..
It Works!! Lately I've just started to give her Treats!! Really just more Hamster Food.. sometimes Dry Cereals.. and Crackers without salt on them.. But she's more interested in rubbing up against the sides of the closet.. or dusting herself in her old dry pee spots.. then she is in the treats that I offer her! Although she DOES LOVE to Come over whenever the Door is Open!!
That's her number 1 Favorite thing to do I think!

What's your take on this Pee Dusting? Do you think that Perhaps she's doing this because she doesn't have any sand in her cage?
it's almost like she's double checking that it's still there and when she finds out it is.. she's so excited she can't help but wipe it ALL OVER HER BODY.. literally her head.. her sides.. her stomach.. lowering her body to make sure it's on her under belly.. and just Everywhere!!

It's gross.. since I've caught her doing this.. I kiss that little hamster sooo much!! Now I've realized I'm kissing her Hamster Pee!! Eww..
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Old 11-20-2022, 02:35 PM   #2
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Default Re: Bathing in pee!

It sounds very much like your hamster is just scent marking, a very natural thing for hamsters to do, they are also very clean animals, hence why she has a little poo corner.
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