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Default New hamster constipated I think!!

Hello, I got my black bear hamster three days ago and havenít really seen him poop and havent seen any poop in his cage. ive seen him drink water twice and he has been eating some of his food. However, today I saw him go into the corner and it looked like he was straining to poop. He has fresh water, and ive been giving him veggies. should I be concerned? If so, how do I help? is constipation a normal behavior for a new hamster?
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Default Re: New hamster constipated I think!!

Constipation is very unusual in hamsters as they eat such a high fibre diet.
New hamsters will often poop in the nest or near it until they settle. The going in the corner is usually when the wee and they lift the tail and sort of look like they strain to urinate. Poops are usually done anywhere really. They are quite dry and inoffensive and they often drop to the bottom of the substrate as they are heavier than it so check down there. If he is eating and drinking and behaving normally I wouldn't worry.
Check you haven't given fluffy or cotton pod type bedding as this can cause blockages.
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