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Default Broken one single tooth

So my Hammie, who is named Grizzly. Grizzly is known to bar chew and a lot. The other day I picked him up and noticed that he was sticking his tongue out to the left a bit. And some how my little boy managed to only get his left bottom tooth broken off. He doesn't have any tooth there, (From what I can tell from him yawning because he doesn't let me have a good look at them ) So, I then noticed that he was growling at the spot where he normally bar chews? I have only heard him growl once, when he got his foot stuck in the box that we took him home in. So this was really odd. I have not seen him eat yet, but he is a pretty sleepy hamster right now. I have seen him drink, and he did go on his wheel like he normally does. So is there anything I can do for him? Like I have never had a hamster break a single tooth. Sorry if this is confusing, this is my first post and I am worried about my little teddy bear.
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Default Re: Broken one single tooth

Hello and Welcome to Hamster Central. Sorry to hear that Grizzly has broken a tooth.

Most hamsters can manage to eat ok with just missing a single tooth - however if you are noticing he struggling to eat and drink - you could try crushing or making a wet food mix from a complete food pellet (such as supreme science selective) and providing him water in a shallow dish.
Grizzly tooth is likely to grow back as hamster teeth are constantly growing and they also grow very quickly so I would keep an eye on his teeth and make sure if it does regrow the tooth isn’t misaligned. However if the root of the tooth was damage when Grizzly tooth was broken it might mean the tooth may regrow slower or not at all.

As you say Grizzly bar chews I would strongly advise getting him a new cage which doesn’t have bars - as bar chewing is very unhealthy behaviour which can lead to teeth problem and a number of other health issues from excessive chewing. I would also try to find the possible cause of his bar chewing is it from 1) Boredom not enough enrichment/toys 2) cage is too small 3) attention seeking 4) or it could be down to something else - we can help you in figuring this out too.

I hope Grizzly tooth regrows quickly.
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