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Old 01-06-2016, 09:54 AM   #1
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Default Biting cage and squeeking?

Hi all,

I have a new Syrian hamster (purchased him about 2 days ago).

I think it's just because he misses his friends/family from the pet shop or because of the new surroundings, but I want to be sure...

During the night when he is awake, he climbs the cage, shakes it and keeps biting on the bars. I know that this would most likely be normal as it is new surroundings for him, but every now and then whilst doing this he will make a squeeking noise as if he is crying?

What do I do? I get so upset knowing that I can't stop it from feeling upset. It has a ton of things in his cage - he has cardboard tubes, 3 houses, lots of bedding (which he likes to move from house to house!), an 8 inch wheel, wood to chew on etc.

He also likes to dig the bedding at every corner of the cage.

I know this has probably been asked a million tons, but I'm just seeking advice on what to do to calm him down.

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Old 01-06-2016, 04:19 PM   #2
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Default Re: Biting cage and squeeking?

Some hams are vocal. Some do it when they're happy some when not so much. But he is still adjusting, 2 days isn't very long to be home. I'm guessing your cage is a good size due to the stuff you have I'm there but what size is it? Some hams bar chew when they're not happy & some chew because they're bored, it's a bit too soon for Patch yet to say what it is but if he is a chewer long term then it needs to be discouraged as they can break there teeth or get sores on their noses. You can try threading some cardboard between the bars if there is area he is focused on but generally I'd say to leave him be for a few more days yet. Is your cage tall if he's climbing? They like climbing but aren't very good at it so if your cage is tall you'll need some stuff to break his fall, at the very least lots of substrate. I'm sure he'll be fine when he settles in though
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