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Old 04-01-2014, 05:28 AM   #1
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Default Vibrating ears

Ok so as I am sure everyone who has read most of my posts have gathered, I used to own rats but am a hammy mommy now. I often compare the behaviour of the two and have found some remarkable likeness. When My dwarf Romy was still alive and I would hold him in my hands and stroke him he would close his eyes and "brux"( rats do this grinding with their teeth thing when they are either happy or anxious). At first I thought it was chattering and that he was stressed ( read that hammies chatter when they are scared) but Romy was very relaxed and loved to be petted and when I really listned it was indeed grinding of teeth.
Anyhoo the other day Rosie was on heat and I happened to scritch her with my finger from between her ears to the top of her tail The next minute she went stiff and her ears started to vibrate. At first I thought I had imagined it but tried it a couple more times and she did it again. (Rattie girls go stiff and vibrate their ears when they are on heat so to see a hammie do it was amazing).
Has anyone else experienced this with their hammies? Is this a common fact I was unaware of. Or does the vibrating ears and grinding teeth mean something all together different.
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Default Re: Vibrating ears

You can use your experience with rats with hamsters, they chew grind their teeth etc. So I'm pretty sure its a natural( unless your scratching her skin hard ) it may have something to do with being in heat.
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