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Old 06-30-2013, 01:33 PM   #1
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Unhappy Hamster attacking another hamster

So for those of you who have read my other posts you will know I have 3 dwarf hamsters (most likely hybrids), I have a chubby one, a blind one and a smaller, faster, escape artist one.
While the smaller of the three, Lily (aka Zippy) had escaped Rose (aka Dozy Rosy - the blind one) started following Pansy (aka squishy) around (normally she sticks with Zippy). Once Zippy returned the other two seemed very happy to great her... You probably thinking actually they weren't and in the end they attacked her... no.
I heard louder than normal squeaking (Rose squeaks when ever the other two more a bit fast or she bumps into something or falls over while eating) and went to check. All three were on separate wheels, I thought it was so cute, Zippy going as fast as possible, Rosy going fast, stopping and going almost over then repeating and Squishy sat eating a pile of seeds she had gathered! Suited them perfect.
Anyway as I sat and watched them Squishy finished her seeds and decided to search next to Rosy's wheel for more (since I scatter food), at this point Rose stops running and sniffs at Squishy, Squishy takes offence/guards food and sort of snaps at her, Rosey takes off but is still on the wheel and doesn't seem to know that and Squishy pounces, pulls her off and a ball ensues with poor Rosy sqeauling like mad. I instinctively bang the cage and pull the lid of ready to pull them apart when Rosy is able to get away. Squishy has one last nip at her and catches her back.
Poor Rosy runs off to find Zippy who made a quick exit from me sitting and watching (still scared after her big escape). I checked her over, she has a little nick on her side and rump.
Squishy is evicted to the old storage tub set up, now seems to be lonely and sulking. My partner and I feel very sorry for her, as she was very happy with her two sisters up until that, but I'm not happy to risk it, and Rosy was very stressed out by it all.
I have decided that if I get her out a couple of times a day and give her lots of people love, ball time (gave in and bought a ball) and play time she should be fine.
The other two seem a bit stressed as well, I think they wonder where she is, not sure if she had been bullying them previously as well. Just hoping they don't start to fight between them now, as Rosy is very dependant on another hamster to follow to get around, especially in the ZooZone set up.
Had a stressful weekend.
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Old 06-30-2013, 01:46 PM   #2
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Default Re: Hamster attacking another hamster

That's more excitement than anyone needs. Hopefully the other two will stay together. But even if that isn't the case, a blind hamster would be okay alone as long as her things are ALWAYS in the same place, house, waterbottle, etc. I do know that some folks have had sisters/brothers have a spat and then have reintroduced them again. Hope that Rosy is okay.
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Old 06-30-2013, 01:47 PM   #3
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Default Re: Hamster attacking another hamster

Unfortunately it does happen sometimes - we actually have a spare cage set up to the point where all it needs is water bottles and water in them, chinchilla sand in the sand bath and food in the food bowl and we can have a ham living in there. Thats because I'm paranoid about our trio lol (When they have issues its usually without any warning and involves waking us from sleep to sort them. If we end up separating at 5am one night I'll want the least fuss possible.)
Theres a good chance the other two will settle down, its just been quite a big change losing a cagemate. Squishy will definetly settle to life alone quite quickly though, we've seen it with hams before
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Old 06-30-2013, 01:51 PM   #4
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Default Re: Hamster attacking another hamster

I would keep them apart now. 3 groups don't seem as successful as pairs. I would do as you suggest and give her lots of attention but keep her cage away from the others so they can't see or hear each other. They do sulk for about 10 days when separated but after that get quite used to living alone and do very well.
I hope the pair will still together OK now. The escape likely caused an upset in the group and the scent would have changed setting off the bickering.
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Old 07-01-2013, 02:06 PM   #5
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Location: UK - West Yorkshire
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Default Re: Hamster attacking another hamster

I just couldn't believe that it was the two that stayed together that were fighting. Squishy seems very happy and content on her own. We have her in her old bin cage (it was left set up just in case we had any mishaps with them or the gerbils we also have - I'm also paranoid kyrilliondaemon, your not alone). Her bin cage in actually the old bin from when we got our first gerbil (lone, but now a part of a trio) and we had a habitrail set up attached, we blocked off the whole but now we have a lone rodent who will fit we are discussing adding it on to the bin as a play extension to see if she likes it. If not then I will look into getting another larger bin as time and money (and space) allows.
The other two were squeaking apparently today while I was at work (just got home) but were under the bedding together when OH checked on them and seemed okay. Rosy's nips are healing up nicely though, and Squishy has taken to the ball we intended for Zippy (who just tries to dig out so we thought bath play time might be better for her and Rosy together).
We had much more excitement this weekend, my dog twisted his ankle (well paw) at the park while playing so had to be carried home (luckily by my OH) and my parents dog decided to jump into a rock pool at Bridlington but off a 30ft cliff! Don't worry I wouldn't be so blunt about it if he wasn't more or less okay, just lots of bruising and some air on his chest which is causing him a bit of a problem but the vet is happy he will be okay in a short while and is happy at home.
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Old 07-01-2013, 02:27 PM   #6
Mad Cage Extender
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Default Re: Hamster attacking another hamster

Wow you have had a right weekend..

So glad you're parents dog is ok...gosh they must of been heartbroken. Silly doggy.

And your dog too. Hope s/he isnt too heavy. Mine was forever getting into little accidents. He's 11 now so slowed down. The worst was after he'd just been castrated. Walking up the canal and he fell in. Luckily he was with my dad as hes 42kg so lifted him straight out. He's a great swimmer but this canal is just big thick reeds and grren stinky water. So off back to the vets for his cut cleaned... he stunk the house out for days!!

Zak. Forever with me. Forever missed. Forever loved. 9/6/2002-13/6/2014. xxxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3
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