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06-09-2008, 04:47 PM
Rules for Posting On This Topic (MUST READ)

This section of the forum is for people posting ads for hamsters that are up for adoption or rescue ONLY. Be sure you read the rules carefully, as this area of the forum will be heavily moderated.

Be sure you follow the steps listed below. If they are not followed properly then the thread will be deleted with no warning to the user who posted it. We are expecting you to have read and respect the rules, so ignorance will not be an excuse. Each ad must follow a template, copy and paste this text into your post and fill it out accordingly. You may remove the comments in (parentheses) See below for template.

We don't want you giving out too much personal information in public. Threads are to be locked after ad is posted. Comments are not to be made to the ads. PM and personal email are the means in which an ad should be enquired about. Do NOT list an amount of money to be exchanged. This is for hamsters in need of rescue or adoption. Not for breeders or hamsters for sale.

This must be your OWN ad. Do not post ads on behalf of others. Should a friend wish to post they should join and post their own request and they must also be posted using the template provided.

Should you wish to use your signature to highlight your as please read here http://www.hamstercentral.com/community/announcements-bug-corner/36997-using-signature-highlight-rescue-hamster.html

People who breed and have hamsterys are welcome to submit their information to the breeders lists by contacting a moderator with their information.

TEMPLATE-COPY AND PASTE.- You may remove the comments in (parentheses)
Location: (don't be to specific, general region, city or town will be fine.)
Kind of hamster(s):
Hamster age(s):
Reason they were abandoned?
Any health problems/special needs?
Any behavioral problems?

Type of household hamster would best be suited to: (example, family with kids, no kids, no other pets and so on)
Link to rescue facility: (if none leave blank)
For more information send PM on forum? (Yes/No)
For more information send email to: (type email if preferred)

(if you have pictures add them below. No pictures of baby hamsters without their eyes open please. No further comments should be added, stick to the template. Make sure this thread is locked, people are not meant to comment to the thread, but contact though personal IM or email.)