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Default Re: First time hamster mum, struggling with anxiety

Hello! Thanks for reaching out about this issue!
The first concern with your hamster could possibly be that your LED light is confusing to him, as hamsters are nocturnal animals so the light could have made him think that it was day time, meaning that he should sleep. It's okay to have a small night-light if it isn't to bright, but hamsters generally prefer darkness to be active in.
Also, it's totally normal for hamsters to sleep in their wheel. I've had a hamster that has done that before, it was just because the wheel was her favorite place in the cage and she wanted to always be there.
I understand your concerns about bonding with the hamster, I'm actually autistic too and I totally get how you feel. Since your hamster is new, it's totally normal for him to be shy. You don't have to interact with him all the time, and just letting him crawl on your hand for a few minutes will let him warm up to you, if you're comfortable with that. If you don't feel like interacting with him, just sit by his cage while he runs on the wheel, because he might acknowledge your presence a bit more. It takes time to tame a hamster, so don't feel sad if he doesn't seem to know you quite yet.
Best of luck!
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