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Default Re: Scratching near eye and Respiratory Infection

Hey Miko, thanks again for your support <3

So tonight Moss' eye does look slightly better - the skin is scabbed over but his actual eyeball is less droopy thank goodness.
He has been drinking his water with the probiotic in it, and just tonight I have managed to get some Emeraid omnivore which he has actually taken well from the syringe. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about this, but am really glad he has taken it. He has never lost his appetite though, still eating!

The worst thing now is that he's got this situation going on with his bottom and tail I'm worried it is wet tail, but it doesn't smell, he is still eating and is still very active. I think it could be a UTI?

I've got him another appointment with another vet tomorrow, hoping maybe they prescribe another type of antibiotic as Baytril doesn't seem to be working.
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