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Default Re: Scratching near eye and Respiratory Infection

Hi dear ,its nice to hear that he's a bit active but even sad at the same moment as he's not gaining weight. We actually dont know what's going inside and we're judging on what we are able to see. If you have pumpkin seeds ,try boiling it until partially soft then mash it and give it to him. You can try giving him protein rich foods in mashed form or safe baby food. The eye cream is absolutely fine ,its basically for conjunctivitis (I mentioned this case earlier) the antibiotics and everything prescribed is right acc to the situation but still he's not responding is a issue. I want to ask if there is some improvement in the appearance of eye? Do you notice any discharge or is he able to open it? But anyways I want you to relax so that there's no 'negative vibes' approaching him ! And believe in him and I hope he'll make it. Seeing your hamster in such condition is really disturbing I know it very well but we have to keep a faith.
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