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Unhappy Weird behaviour after escape!

I have a Syrian male called snowy. He made an escape the other night and has been acting super strange ever since. So I filled up his bowl around 10pm and he got up around 12. Im 99% sure I closed his cage door, but when I woke up the next day I realised around 1pm it was open. I didnít sleep until 4am the night before and for 4 hours I heard him run around his cage and run on his wheel, but after finding his cage open I searched my room and found him in my wardrobe. He had gotten under the bottom shelf and had taken all his food and taken the liberty of peeing on some of my old letters I left there and eating the others. When I found him I picked him up and put him in his cage and cleaned up. Ever since though heís been frantically trying to escape. He started climbing the cage and constantly running around looking for ways to get out. I turned the cage around so he the door was blocked by the wall so he couldnít open it again but Iím worried. I learnt a lot about caring for hamsters after I got this and have been in the process of upgrading his cage to have a big bin underneath where he can burrow and just have more space (130Litres plus cage) I havenít yet finished attaching his cage on top but I will let him run around it at night for a bit before I put him back in his regular cage. Tonight tho when I did he just kept trying to escape. He was frantic when trying to escape trying ti climb up every wall and frantically wailing his arms. When I helped him out to see where he went, he went straight back to the wardrobe and even stored some treats I gave him there(he kept them in his mouth.) Iím really worried cause he just seems kinda sad and Iím not sure what to do.

Ps Iím really new at this and have been learning a lot about owning a hamster so any advice would be appreciated !
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