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Default Rest well, my little Moussie

Mousse peacefully passed away April 14, 11:30pm in my mum's hands.

For a few months before Snowpea passed away, i'd been having dreams with this beautiful brown hammy came to say hi. In the second dream, I was told her name. It wasn't until April 21st, 2023 that we brought her home, our sweet little Mousse. I knew from the moment I saw her, this was the hamster who came to me in my dreams. This was Mousse.

Mousse, you were such a beautiful little baby. You were one of the largest hamsters i've ever seen, your paws could cover the entirety of my finger pad.
You loved egg, sharing blueberries with my mum (affectionately dubbed "aunty"), and running in your wheel. You loved your nightly bed scurries, running around my bed and looking over the edge at everything. You never once tried to jump off, looking back at me with the biggest smile before running elsewhere.

You loved walks around the house; being shown the "hooman potty", mumma's room, kitchen (That's where all the hooman food is.)
We would hold you up to the photos of your Great Hammy Grampy (my grampa) and watch as you would sniff his pictures, even pushing your forehead against them at one point. We would go onto see where mumma sits, where your aunty sits, and finally your aunty's room.
All the time you'd be peering over and watching, smiling, getting kisses and cuddles.

Your favourite thing was to "do the thing", crawl under our arms and into your dome. You adored doing that.

There was one night where I took her to see my mum, and my mum gave me a forehead kiss. Mousse was watching, and put her forehead down to get one herself after-ward. It was the most beautiful, smartest thing. She learned what a forehead kiss was in that singular moment, and that became something her and my mum would do.

I was in the kitchen making soup. After a while, I came in to check on you. You were laying by your wheel and your dinner (Critical care.)
I knew it would happen soon.
You perked up when I started talking to you, and I knew you wanted up. I checked on the soup once more, came back to see you in your dome.
I picked you up in said dome like usual, and brought you to the kitchen so you could see what I was doing. Then I asked if you wanted to see your aunty. You perked your head up and looked in the direction of her door.

We came in, i gave you over to her, and you were happy.
You rested your head on your aunty's arm, we grabbed a cloth to lay you on so you could be wrapped up warm and cozy, and you drifted away in your aunty's hands.

We love you so much Mousse. Thank you for being ours, for choosing us. Thank you for the love, cuddles, and kisses. Thank you.

Thank you, Mousse. Mumma and Aunty love you. We'll see you again someday, sweetheart.

Mousse, 04/21/2023 (gotcha day) - 04/14/2024.

The reason my mum is called aunty; I was 9 when I got my first hamster, Twinkle. I decided that my mum was too young to be a grandma, so we settled on Aunty. Ever since then, she's been aunty for all our hamsters.
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