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Exclamation Help - Lazy Hamster

Hi everyone.

I rescued a laboratory hamster in December and he is rather lazy. I have him in a large niteangel enclosure and I give him plenty of enrichment. He has lots of different substrates, thick bedding and a large wheel to play with but he rarely interacts with any of the enrichment I give him. He's currently 1 year and 4 months from what the lab told me.

My concern is that he sleeps pretty much 23 hours of the day. He will occasionally run on his wheel maybe once or twice a week, however for the rest of the week he will snooze. If I get him out to play in his play pen, he will just fall asleep in there. If I get him out for a cuddle he will just fall asleep on me. Is this normal? Is there anything I'm doing wrong or could do to try and help him be more active. He has been checked over by a vet and they have no concerns, they believe him to be healthy. He is generally a very happy ham, never bites and loves to take food from you. Sometimes he is a little nervous (e.g. if there is a noise or fast movement he can get a little spooked) however he is usually quite a calm and friendly hamster. If any one has been through anything similar and has any advice I would greatly appreciate it, thank you x
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