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Default Re: I need some advice hamster Cushing

[QUOTE=Lolly237;969436]Hi I’ve got a Syrian hamster called Charlie I think she’s got Cushing how do I know when it’s near the end of cushions she’s eating drinking plodding along digging she’s lost hair on her back neck and her belly and by her hind legs on the sides And now her head fully bald she’s had dry wrinkled skin so I bought Johnson’s cream for it and she’s got a scab on her side and she sleeps a lot I have put on precious thread but I forgot to ask Charlie is my first hamster and since I brought her home she has always slept all the time even at night when she should be awake is this normal and how should a 12 week old hamster act should they be active at night she’s got a large wooden 3 floor enclosure and she’s got a wooden wheel but ever since having her she’s never used her wheel or been very active she comes out get a drink and something eat n then goes back to bed she’s lively if I get her up at night n give her a cuddle but with this being my first is this normal behaviour for a Syrian or has she always had something wrong with her
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