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Originally Posted by Miko View Post
Hi ,personally I'm quite confused on what you're actually trying to convey but overall I think you're trying to say that the previous owner wants him back? If it's like that then you should definitely compare the care provided by u and that owner. And if you think that owner is kind of negative then pls dont make that hamster suffer ,make him live where he'll seriously enjoy it.
*no hate* Umm I'm really sorry if my ans is not what you expect, it was difficult for me to understand what you said.

Kinda long story. This is a woman who had a syrian hamster girl she wanted to rehome as she had bitten some of her kids who had put their hands in her cage. Because the kids did get scared of her after that, she did get less atention. She did delet the ad as the hamster is over a year and is was to many people who wasnt serious. After that I noticed the same woman put an ad out for an another hamster that she had, a long haired hamster boy who had lived in a ikea samla at first but as the lid broke he moved in to a mini duna cage. This hamster boy is 6 months old. As her son have a condition and did have a heart for the boy, she let the boy live there but her son did grew from the hamster boy and he did get let atention,he were given away. I took him, but my astma have started to react at particles from his cage. I told this to the women I got him from, and she would rather get him back, give him a bigger cage and arrange so he does get what he needs there. She does have two other hamsters, one boy and a girl, and they live in a detolf there are divided down the middle with a frosted glass plate. When I did talk to her, she have seemed a little insecure or something as she first asked me if I wanted to have one of the other hamsters, but the day after she wanted them to live there.

My options is to take more astma medicine and use mask when I change his cage or find a new home to him, but something makes me insecure to let him move back to where he came from. Sorry for my bad english.
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