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Default Re: Won't come out of hiding

Thank you for your response! �� That's just the thing, he won't come out for me to feed him treats or do any bonding exercises. His cage is pretty huge, it's a Niteangel wooden cage about 47.2 x 19.7 x 23.6 size (roughly 4' x 1.64', 2'tall). I have about 6" of bedding and a lot of hideys, toys, chews, and treats for him. When i feed him, I'll notice he'll empty his bowl and take all his food to his burrow so it's hard to keep up when he's really running low on food or if it's all in his burrow with him. I lifted his home up this morning to check on him and he was fine so I fed him a treat and he took it from my hand! He doesn't seem scared of me, he just won't come out. The only time he comes out is if the tv is off, lights are off, and it's quiet. If I turn everything off but stay on my phone, he won't come out. I've stayed up to see if I can catch him but have not. I feel bad because he has such a huge cage but he only uses one corner of it. ��
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