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Exclamation Won't come out of hiding


If someone could please help, I would really appreciate it. I just got a Syrian hamster for the first time (I've only had experience with dwarf hamsters) almost two months ago. He won't come out of hiding from his house, even if I stay up at night. I try to coax him with treats, shuffle his bedding, tap gently on his home to see if he'll be curious enough to come out. I would really love to tame him and have a relationship, but it seems like he's really scared of me. If he see's me, he'll freeze for like two minutes and walk away slowly. My other robo hamster will come out often knowing I come bearing treats. I know dwarf hamsters and Syrians are going to have different behaviors. But I don't think this is a normal syrian behavior either. I'm really confused and worried, help!
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