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Unhappy Is my Hamster OK?

I have a 4 month old syrian hamster and I've had her for about 2 months now and she is usually very active, running in her wheel, chewing and digging, she usually wakes me up in the process. Last night I noticed she didn't come out at all. And I know this because I had a full night's sleep and her sand pit had no foot prints in it, I last saw her at 11:30pm when she was getting food, then after that nothing and the night before i was ill and up most the night and she came out about 4:30am for about 15 mins then went back to bed. But she hasn't really drank any water in 2 days. But she is defo eating. Her urine is red but that's because I've given her dried beetroot and carrots. I checked this morning when I woke up and she is aive and walking fine and seems inquisitive.

The temperature in my room is quite cold at night due to our boiler being broken but I can't move her anywhere warmer as her cage takes 2 people to move.

What should I do?

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