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Default Re: Questions about wheels and cages.

I also recommend the silent runner. I have used the 12” wheel for 6 years for my syrians. It seems expensive but definitely worth it - when the wheel no longer runs as smoothy you can buy replacement ball bearings to extend the life of the wheel. I bought mine second hand so definitely worth looking on selling sites as you might find a bargain

Other wheels

P@H cork lines wooden wheel (similar to trixie wheel) -

Hope healthy treats wooden wheel (similar to getzoo wheel which I use as well)- 30cm Silent Wooden Wheell
– Hope's Healthy Treats

Trixie wooden wheel -

All the wooden cork lined its best painting with plastikote so it your hamster pees on it it wont soak into the cork.

Trixie plastic wheel (the dwarf one I bought a few years back was really noisy) however my syrian one which I have had for longer is quiet -

Bucastate do plastic wheel - I’ve got mixed opinion about. I have a dwarf sized one but the wheel has a plastic bolt and the screw ends cracked (as this is also plastic) when I tighten it so I had to DIY a solution out of metal nuts and bolts which I still use to this day so the wheel itself is good. So for the price tag I would be careful of these wheel - this was a few years ago I bought one so might be different today and might be metal but cant see online
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