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Default Hamster of the Month - March 2024 POLL NOW ADDED

THIS COMPETITION IS FOR A PICTURE of Hamsters 'A HAMSTER - EASTER OR SPRING THEME' so the photo should be one that shows a hamster in an eastery or spring like background / props. Easter eggs / bunnies/ spring flowers/ lambs or anything you feel is appropriate to represent the theme is acceptable. NO PHOTOSHOPPED OR COMPOSITE PICTURES PLEASE.

The theme is for a picture of A HAMSTER - EASTER / SPRING THEME

Please do not post any comments about the picture. Please post THE HAMSTERS NAME ONLY. Any extra comments will be removed.

It's a new month so we have to choose the 'Hamster of the Month' for next month. The winning hamster will appear on the front page of the forum so when someone comes on to the forum they will see the picture.
PLEASE TRY AND RESIZE PHOTOS AS SOME ARE HUGE AND ARE STRETCHING THE FORUM. 600 pixels wide is a good standard size for the forum. Please try and do this as the huge pics are pixellated and do not do your entry justice. Please do not use photobucket for your entries.

1. This competition is for the March Hamster of the month. We would like a picture this month with a 'A HAMSTER - EASTER SPRING THEME'

2. You may enter up to 3 pictures.

3. The pictures should be clear and as charming as possible

4. The pictures must be of a hamster of any species and it must belong to you or your family. It may be with you now or have passed to the bridge.

5. Closing date for entries is 23rd Febriary 2024 at 11.59pm GMT.

6. The voting will be posted and the new pic will be displayed in March. Each member will have 1 vote. The poll will be public and you may NOT vote for your own entry. Voting for another family member's entry is highly discouraged.

7. Please try and post a new photograph that you have not entered in a previous competition.

8. It must be pictures of hamsters 'A HAMSTER - EASTER / SPRING THEME. If you post a picture that is not themed you will be asked to replace it with one that is. If you do not do this is will NOT be included in the competition.

9. Please do not post any comments on the thread until AFTER the poll has closed. PM me with questions. Comments will be removed.

If you decide to withdraw an entry please let me know
If your picture is not there when the poll is posted I will PM you to ask if there is a problem but there is only a limited time that the Poll posting can be held for so please respond as soon as possible thanks.

Pictures that are too large or too small do not do your entry justice and people may just skim over it. PLEASE RESIZE

Looking forward to seeing your entries

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