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Default Re: Males vs Females

Obviously, don't take what I say as complete fact, as this is all from memory of various comments over the years, plus my own experience, but...

Syrians are generally the 'best' if you want a cuddly hamster, mainly due to their size and that they've been domesticated longer than other hamster species. Female syrians, though, are generally the most active/in need of a lot of enrichment of all of the species. If you read about a hamster chewing their way out of a good-sized plastic cage, likely they were a female syrian. From memory, tortoiseshell females are the ones who are the most active of them all, while cream males are the calmest. Almost all of my syrians have been cream males because of this. =) Plus I just think cream ones are pretty.

Roborovskis are the smallest, fastest, and possibly the most nervous of the different species, and are the ones most likely to be 'look, don't touch'. But, I've had some who seemed to enjoy human contact, like my current little one...and others who really, really did not. In general, with mine, I've found they will at least tolerate being held, as long as it's not for long.

Dwarf hybrids are a mixed bag, like their genetics. They can be prone to cage aggression, where they will defend their territory against even a known 'friend', but will generally be calm once taken out of their cage. I've had three hybrids, all of which showed cage aggression at some point. One started out aggressive and became calmer, one was calm and then became aggressive, while the third was always aggressive, even outside the cage.

Winter Whites, Campbells, and Chinese hamsters I have no experience with. I believe WW are closer to Syrians in temperament, while Campbells are where the cage aggression the hybrids can have comes from (but, obviously, not all Campbells will be cage aggressive!). Chinese, I think, are a like a mix between Roborovskis and Syrians; so, nervous/shy, but can be cuddly eventually.
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