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Default The best hamster food Mix.

Hi guys, me and my partner have just adopted our hamster Tyson Fury. We got him on Wednesday last week and he is settling in really well. We handled him for the first time today and he is very confident and happily ate a small carrot in our hands. We have ordered him lots of enrichment for him forage etc but I would like some recommendations for the best hamster food mix. We are in the Uk. Currently on the Pets at home muesli mix. I was going to pick up some Harry hamster as this is what my previous hamsters were on but I think it looks a bit boring.

Is there any mixes that are more exciting that he is likely to want to eat most of it rather than picking out the tasty bits. Iíve had a look on Etsy etc but would like suggestions.

Is a bottle or water bowl better for them?

Jess x
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