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Default Chubbs' new cage accessories!

Hi all!

I went into town today and picked out a bunch of things that my new hamster Chubbs needs! I bought him and his accessories and cage from a couple on the buy and sell who just had too many pets and the cats were far too interested at this point! He came with his 60 gallon aquarium, bedding, food dish water bottle and some hides. Most the hides had holes that he couldn't fit into lol his wheel was tiny! I think only about 5 or 6 inches. They had good intentions but didn't have anything quite right for a.hamster his size! Today, I picked up some whimzies, millet, a huge wheel, zoo reptile sand and a dollar store glass pan to use as a sand bath for now. Little man is over the moon!!!! And I'm out $100!!! But that's okay as he's happily checking everything out and hopped on that wheel right away!!!!! I didn't have quite enough this paycheque for the hamster exercise ball that I wanted to get him but that can wait until next week! Those exercise balls are ok to use right? I also gave him some broccoli, a blueberry, some sweet pepper and some apple to see what he likes. He loves the millet. Is millet only meant more as a treat? I've left the whimzie in his cage for now. He was interested but moved on to the next quick. Maybe a bit too exciting altogether. He hopped into the sand but didn't do any digging around just yet. Fingers crossed he may decide to use it as a toilet. I'll attach a couple of photos!
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