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Lightbulb Soft and safe bedding for delicate skin?

Hey all!

I posted a bit about Burt in the healthcare forum. You can read it here if you like... I'd appreciate replies from anyone who has been through the same thing <3

So long story short, it looks like my boy Burt has Cushings - he has lost almost all of his fur. His skin is very fragile and gets scratched easily, and I need to make him as comfortable as possible for as long as he has quality of life. I would love to know what bedding/substrate you use that is as soft as possible so as not to scratch or cut his skin, but that is safe ie. NOT fluffy or cotton? I've used Carefresh layered with Aspen to hold burrows until now, but I think Aspen might be too scratchy. Burt has also had Timothy and meadow hay, which I won't be using any more as I am worried it may cut him. I also use moss as a topper which I think I'll keep as it is pretty soft and he likes moving it around!

He still enjoys burrowing, so ideally I want him to be able to do so for as long as he can. Carefresh seems to be soft enough, but alone it doesn't seem to hold burrows so well.

Any suggestions would be very welcome!
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