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Question Penis prolapse or bladder stone

I'm a vet that just recently started working with hamsters and has not been taught much about them in college.
I'm currently dealing with a young, male golden hamster that seems to suffer from recurring penile prolapse.
We have put it back in twice already now, last time under general anaesthesia and it took us 1h and many trials with sugar, ice, lube etc to do it. However, after he woke up and started walking around, it slipped right back out
It is very swollen and dark red, pea sized, can't see any hair or dirt in the prepuce or at the base.
Does anyone have any experience/information/resources they can direct me to to help him?
some of my thoughts were castration, "circumcision" like they can do in rats, and a recent thought was that a bladder stone could be blocking the urethra in the penis?
Grateful for any pointers while I try to keep this lil guy happy and alive
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