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Default Re: Please identify this hamster

Originally Posted by SyrianDream View Post
I'm glad that you asked. It happened accidentally; my female golden agouti escaped and jumped inside my male's bin cage. I have several adopters, most of whom are my cousins; I will keep one for myself. I bought several bin cages, each 150 liters, from a warehouse for $5 each; housing is not a problem. As for their food, I have Versele Laga (Crispy Muesli Hamster & Co) with protein blocks and what I have on the fridge, e.g., vegetables, chicken, etc., all safe for hamsters.
from the start of the thread ."what would happen if I pair...", implies you have deliberately mated your hamsters rather than it being an accident.

for bin cage, you need at least 80 x 50cm floorspace so check your bin cages are that and not short and high.

Lab blocks are unsuitable for hamsters and pups will need extra wet meals and protein. They will also need to be sexed correctly and quickly before reaching maturity.

Given this is an accidental litter, you are asking lots about genetics?
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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