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Exclamation Diarrhea

Just twenty minutes ago,I went to play with my hamsters usual.then as I was putting my hands with treats on the wicker tunnel to attract her,I felt something damp.I instantly washed my hands 32 times then I put on gloves and look at the poop again. It was not watery but soft enough to squish it and it smells. The whole cage doesn't smell bad tho. I went to pick her up and her bottom was clean. Her other poops are not squishy but softer than usual.she is a Syrian and we don't actually knows how old is she but it was 3 months before when I got her and the pet shop said she's about 3-5 months old. Yesterday,I DID fedher some strawberry and it was her first time trying it but its just a little piece. I know bacteria diarrhea is fatal but its almost 11pm in the UK so there's nothing I can do except for hoping she'll be fine.

Thanks for any help! I appreciate it!
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