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Default Re: Female Syrian Hamster, swollen and bleeding privates

Just an update, probably going to book a vet appointment in the morning (nearly 11pm here so not much I can do right now). While she's still moving about she is definitely slower and has suddenly got a lot scruffier in the space of a day. She looked really dirty around her face and front paws, and her belly looks almost like she's been either shedding fur or pulling it out as she looks almost bald on her belly now. She also looks a lot duller in one eye, almost like it's a doll's eye. It doesn't have the brightness in it that it used to.

I just gave her cage a clean and when I went to pick her up to put her back she properly bit me pretty hard, which she has never done to me before, not even when she was a baby. I can only imagine it's because of the pain she's in despite her medication and I must have touched a particularly sensitive spot. I quickly put her back in her cage so I didn't get blood everywhere and cleaned myself up afterwards.

If I can get a same day appointment for Yuuko then I'll take her in tomorrow and get their professional opinion on whether or not she's well enough to take home for a little while longer, or if the more humane thing is to leave her with them right there and then. I feel like they'll be better placed to know what the best course of action because it's not a decision I want to have to make.
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