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Default Re: Female Syrian Hamster, swollen and bleeding privates

Originally Posted by souffle View Post
Oh bless that doesn't sound nice. I hope she has some comfortable time left with you but I'd let her go peacefully as soon as you detect any change. I'm glad you took her in.
She's still quite energetic right now. Not eating her nuggets as much lately but seems to love cauliflower as I put a bit of that, a bit of broccoli and a bit of carrot in and she always takes the cauliflower so just making sure to give her a bit of veg each day and try to squeeze some juice onto the nuggets. It does look like the tumour has grown outwards a bit but it's not affecting her behaviour at the moment, and she adores the painkiller medication. At first I had to pick her up to get her to take it but now I can just stick the syringe through the bars and she comes running to lap it up - even tries to yank the syringe out of my hand and steal it. When I get her out to let her run around I have a special blanket for her to run on so she doesn't get anything caught on her wounded area after I've cleaned it.

Important thing is she still seems very happy and active and once that stops I will make preparations with the vet.
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