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Default Re: Female Syrian Hamster, swollen and bleeding privates

Originally Posted by souffle View Post
Any bleeding from the vents is a matter of urgency. Is there any other vets you could contact?
Is there a smell to the discharge which might indicate a womb infection (pyometra)
Can you see and cuts on her underside? Is anything protruding or hanging out?
When I got home from work just now I gave her cage a thorough clean but didn't see any signs of blood or anything like that, although her droppings looked considerably bigger. I gave her another check and clean but all signs of blood are gone now - there is a little bit of poop stuck in there but she started wriggling and getting panicked so I had to leave that (for now) and if she doesn't get it out herself, I'll try again. Her behaviour is still pretty normal.

Are anal fissures a thing in hamsters?
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