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Wink Schedule Change

My hamster Kodieís schedule has shifted since I got him about a month and an half ago. Heís been coming out of his hide where he sleeps much later than usual. He used to come out around 9-10m but since about last week heís been coming out much later, even early morning when Iím asleep. His activities have stayed the same, he stashes the food in his dish and is drinking the same amount of water, sometimes I wake up and hear him on his wheel, and I can see that heís dug in the coco fiber and eaten some seeds off his favorite spray. Now that Iím on summer break, I might be awake when Kodie is but I canít figure out why Kodieís schedule has shifted. Any ideas why this may have happened? should I be concerned? Could this be normal or do with him adjusting to his environment or something of the like?
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