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Default Re: was there something we could have done?

Originally Posted by Lemon View Post
If the hamster passed away so soon after the fight, I donít think there was anything you couldíve done at that point. Itís just a matter of learning from the accident and making sure any cages are secure in the future.

Accidents happen even with the most loving of pet owners sometimes. A childhood friend of mine also lost a hamster to another pet after it escaped its cage.

I think itís best to just move on, learn from the mistake, and remember and appreciate the time you shared with the hamster thatís passed on

So sorry for the loss of your little friend
thank you very much Lemon, a lot has been learned from it. hopefully this thread helps someone else prevent the same thing, Syrians are insanely good climbers storage box cages even if theyre really deep need a venting lid
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