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Question Male syrian hamster - red bump on genitalia


This is my first post here! Iíve just joined as iím desperate for an answer and have not been able to find it anywhere.

Last night i noticed a red pimple looking bump on my hamsters penis (1yr old syrian).
I check him every day so i know this is new from yesterday.
I clean his cage every day (remove urine and poop), so iím not sure how this happened.

I was wondering if this was an abscess and what course of action should i take?
Is there a chance it will pop on itís own? How long should i wait until bringing him to a vet?

I have emailed a few vets asking for the price of draining it (as i suspect it is an abscess).

Any information/advice would be helpful!
Heís been my baby for 1yr now but heís my first hamster so iím still new to all this☺️

Iíve attached an image.

Thank you!
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