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Default Soft poops ( but not diarrhoea )

Hi guys, my little Guy Draco is around four months old. His poops donít seem to be as firm as I would like them. My last girl was totally fine and her poops were always solid. He has been like this since I got him and Iíve been keeping an eye on it to make sure they donít get any worse. He is long haired and often gets poop stuck in his skirt and that always seems easy to brush out (quite firm) but when I go into his house I always find a bunch of softer ones. Am I just finding them quick? Or should they be coming out dry in the first place? any ideas on how I can rectify this for him? He gets science selective nuggets as his main diet (he loves them) topped up with a seed mix, fresh veg three times a week, some mealworms or chicken for protein too. Should I stop his veg? I donít really want to as he loves it the little scone. He also has a water bowl as well as a bottle, do I take the bowl away so he isnít consuming as much water? Any help would be appreciated!
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