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Question Summer and flooring

so just a quick question, I've moved my dwarf hamster Peanut downstairs to the kitchen because my room upstairs was like a SAUNA!! she was downstairs last summer i just fear the tile flooring in the kitchen will get too cold for her? i did have another dwarf hamster spud but sadly lost him in january. shes in his old cage which was also fine down there last summer but since losing spud i have become so paranoid as i have no idea how he got sick (he passed of a respiratory infection he was just over a year and a half old) my vet who new spud rather well said it was because of how sensitive to everything he was...allergic to literally all bedding apart from carefresh, wouldn't touch certain foods so had nuggets with some fresh veg etc often and treats! peanut is just over a year old and shes healthy i just worry. just there is nowhere else in the house i could put her that isnt roasting!! do u think it will be ok? the floor isnt that cold and no breeze its just cooler down there cause the sun doesnt beam into it. sorry for the essay hope it makes sense all the best <3
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