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Default Re: Questions about genotypes/genetic codes

@SKB Hamsters

I apologize for all the questions. I want to learn about hamster genetics.

To continue, what if you breed a hamster who is a "carrier," for example, "Rxrx," to another who doesn't carry that same recessive gene? Are the pups going to carry that recessive gene (genotype-wise)?

Another thing that is bugging me is how to write the phenotype for a hamster properly. Let's say a hamster is a Banded Golden Umbrous Rex Satin Long Hair (I've typed it in random order). Is there maybe a guide for how to write that?

Also, I like Strong Brew Hamstery, but some of her genetic codings are slightly more complicated. For example:

Yellow Umbrous Long Hair (Aa Cce Ee P- ToY U- ll)
Golden Long Hair (A- C- P- Rxrx ll)
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